Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Braiding Hair

Being a father means that I have to learn to do things to help you. I do not think that the thought of me braiding hair ever entered my mind... and yet here is an example of me actually doing it. Even more astonishing to myself is that I want to practice so that I can get better at it. I want to make sure that whenever you should need my help with your hair that I am prepared to lend a hand.

I am always telling you how much I love to learn and that it is important to always have that desire to learn something new. It is not just things that you read in books either! Practical skills like tying a shoelace or braiding your daughter's hair also come in handy and makes life much easier. I cherish every morning with you. It makes my day to start my morning routine with you. 

I will always remember these mornings where our conversations run from what you have to do in your day to what Venus' atmosphere is like. All the while you eat breakfast and Papi braids your hair... I hope that when you are older that you are able to look back at these years as fondly as I will.