Saturday, October 3, 2015

A New You

Children are unlike adults. Whereas adults have settled into a "sameness" of character, thought, behavior, and of being children do not. Children are in flux. The child that went to school this morning will not be the child that will return. New information and experiences are constantly molding and shaping them.  It is important to remember that. As every mini crisis your child faces can have long lasting consequences in how you help them address it. Show patience, understanding, and most of all love. Hold their hands. Show them the way.

That is what I realized this week. While over the few years I have been the same "Papi" you knew from day one you have not been the same child. A different child every day, my daughter nonetheless. Today I do not understand why you do the little things that you do which yesterday were not of interest. Tomorrow your favorite foods will change. Yesterday was challenging in your reactions to seemingly trivial home life occurrences. Hard to remember those days for me. Yet I must for your sake. As your development takes you in all sorts of directions I want to be an anchor,  a rock of support that you can always return to.