Saturday, April 12, 2014


Technology is a wonderful thing when it can bring us together when we are apart. Although you have had access to it for a while it has not been something that you have saw much of a need for. In the last few months we have grown increasingly close; fact that makes me the luckiest, and happiest father on Earth. We have spent a ton of time together and shared some wonderful memories. As time has gone by I have noticed a change in your view of me. I have noticed that you are more attached and interested in spending time with me. My absence for prolonged periods of times, even when it is only due to work, seems to bother you. In the last week you have decided to something about missing me. I recall being in the middle of my Marketing class and feeling my phone vibrate. As i pulled it from my pocket I saw your face splashed on my screen as it signaled me that you had initiated a FaceTime call with me. It was the first time that you had attempted to video chat with me because you missed me. The reason why shall remain between us but I was touched nonetheless. Since then you have reached out to me when you have felt that you wanted to see me and I was not yet home. It might appear to be a simple and even inconsequential thing to so many and yet to me it means the world. It means that my unconditional love is not unrequited. It means that our bond grows stronger with each passing day. It means that you are beginning to miss me as much as miss you day to day. I foresee us becoming best of friends and I am giddy with excitement as a result.