Friday, July 5, 2013

Following Your Steps

It is always fascinating to me when the student becomes the teacher. I have never been able to swim to save my own hide. Watching you take swimming lessons the last few years was a constant reminder that one day you would be in the water and I would do well to learn if I am to be able to carry out my fatherly duties and keep you safe. I kept saying that I was going to take lessons to learn. Then something happened. I kept watching you practice. I kept reminding you of the things your teachers wanted you to remember. Then yesterday I decided to see how hard it was to do the "few things you have to remember" and guess what... I swam. For the first time in my life I actually swam across the pool without the need of a lifeguard coming to my rescue. It was fun taking turns doing laps with you. I am now thanks to you better prepared to be a father to you. It was awesome and I look forward to more experiences like that.