Friday, May 3, 2013

As I Once Did

I have fond memories of taking things apart and putting them back together with my father. Today I will continue in that tradition and introduce you to the world of linux. We live in a world where most consume and the few create. I want you to be a part of the few. I want you to use your brain, your intellect. To dare to be curious and experiment, to take things apart, see how they work. To wonder what makes the things around us what they are. What is it that makes them work as they do.

I want you to be the daughter of a tinkerer who is not afraid of what is under the hood. We will start with simple things with the hopes that one day you will be the one teaching me how to take apart some of the most complicated things in the world. I get giddy just hearing you tell me how you plan on making your own walking robot. Well if that is what you would like to do then we better get you well versed in the things that make them work. Programming, mechanical engineering, etc. 

I am currently downloading a couple of different things to introduce you to a world that most of your contemporaries will probably never see or at the very least are years from discovering. I have my fingers crossed. If this goes well it can lead to a lot fun and interesting projects between the two of us!