Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shaped By You

A daughter changes everything.

In my case you changed everything. In it that I woke up in a world where my actions, thoughts, desires, dreams, and everything that makes me who I am had to be analyzed. I put off asking a lot of the difficult questions about the world, myself, and life. A kindergartner can rattle your cage if you are not prepared to answer those questions. The reality of a curious child can shake foundations. As a father I also have the responsibility to answer these questions for you. The day will come that these questions will be asked with more reason than simple child-like curiosity. These questions will come in order to help you shape your very character, philosophy, and image of the universe. 

Holding up a mirror.

It is situations like this in which you have placed me repeatedly. Forcing me to face myself, to take a long look at my reflection and be sure I like what I see. I am to examine who I am, my reasons, what I belief and understand it all. If there is weakness in my foundation it will become exposed and will undoubtedly cause me to waver. I love that out of our relationship I am gaining as much as you are. I must search for wisdom, find wisdom, and pass it down to you. Wisdom that I do not possess if not for the need to find it for you. I suspect that there will be many more parallels of this in our life ahead. I foresee a lot of interesting conversations in our cards.