Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Have a Reader

I am a proud parent of a reader.

I don't know how it all works or how it all happens. All I know is that in a span of a couple of days we both were looking at the same book and the results could not have been any more different. The first time I had to do the reading as you  followed along and read out loud the words that you knew. Life continued as if nothing had changed. A couple of days later, while you were dead tired I might add, you started with the title and 45 minutes later and entire book was read!

I don't know what happened in your brain, what lightbulb went off that made the change. I love the fact that you have accomplished another milestone.  Since then TV and other activities have taken a backseat to your reading. You are reading books for breakfast, in the car, in school, when you get home, before bed... It is a never ending cycle of learning. I will encourage it, I will nourish it, I will push you. Reading is the key that opens worlds unknown.

Dr. Seuss' A Cat in a Hat, that was your first book read.