Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Telling Stories

It has become a new thing between us to tell each other stories. 

I have never seen someone enjoy the stories of my vaccinations as much as you have. I guess knowing that the person whom you count on being able to protect you having gone through the same "I have to get a shot" horrors will do that. It is heart-warming to see you laugh as hard as you do when I tell you about how they just stuck the needle on my butt-cheek with no warning!

I love hearing your stories as well. It is amazing to hear you tell what the world is like to you. The things that you notice, your attention to small details, is incredible. The world is such an interesting place as told by you. I love to hear the excitement in your voice. There are times where your words cannot keep up with your brain (which appears to be racing!). I love every minute of it.

I am looking forward to seeing you after school just to hear what new stories you have today.