Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Learning Together

I realize that sometimes I push you hard. Lately I have learned that isn't always the best way to handle things. You always say that I know everything. The truth is that when it comes to being a father it is a work in progress. I am learning on the job really. Just as much as you are getting to know me and how to navigate the world I am trying to get to know you and navigate the world as a father. 

It isn't always the easiest of things to know how to get the best out of others. There are hundreds of failed CEOs around the world that will tell you that. It takes a special kind of person that is able to be patient, to be insightful, and inspiring to make sure that others can maximize their potential. In many respects being a father is like being the CEO. The buck stops with me. Your successes and failures will be a reflection of the job that I do during your formative years. It is one job that I plan on getting right.

The same way that successful executives are able to adjust to changing conditions I have begun to adapt. I have begun to notice what works and what does not in inspiring you. You have only been in kindergarten for less than two months and yet the changes we have made working together are visible. There is less frustration and friction between us. The conversations that we have take detours that lead new insights into the things that you enjoy and are curious about. Homework is no longer work. The last few days we have had fun doing homework.... I can't believe I actually wrote that, but it is true.

Unlike many scenarios that you will encounter in your life, our relationship is a two-way street. I have as much to learn from you as you from me. The more time I spend with you actually getting things done the more I realize how important our relationship is to the both of us. I get to pass down and teach everything I have learned which gives me satisfaction. You in turn get to take that and build upon that foundation what kind of person you will one day become. My hope is that I am helping you build a strong foundation that will be able to support you regardless of the challenges that this crazy world throws in your direction.