Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Falling in Love with Science

Yesterday you came out of school talking a mile a minute about what you learned about in class. Elephants and tusks, poachers and lions, how they circle up to protect the young... and on and on you went... a good half hour of interesting facts that you learned during your school day. After your mother got home you kicked into high gear once again. I have not seen so much excitement out of you in any of the many things that you have done in school so far. 

You are five years old and yet the passion that you showed made me smile. The way your words jumped from your lips filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and energy would make even Einstein happy. I love that you have already taken interest in learning. It is so hard to get people to want to learn these days with all the distractions that it is refreshing to see that. 

I will renew a promise I made to you. I promise that I will foster your passion and enthusiasm. I will help you in every way I can to make sure that you can learn and experience as much as you want. I will introduce you to new things and explore the world with you (in life as well as through books and the internet). I promise to help you work on science projects, answer questions about the cosmos, consider hypothetical, and explain the unexplainable (or at least help you discover answers).