Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Discoveries Await

I am not sure why things happen in this world. Everyone has a theory on the reasons or lack thereof as to why things unfold as they do. It is part of the great mystery of life. There will be answer to a lot of questions and many more will go unanswered. We know a lot about how the world works, why we need oxygen, why the sun rises, and even more than we do not. A lot of it is left for us to discover and imagine the possibilities.

It is a simple concept that can be applied to everything and anything in our lives. Take family for example, there is plenty of things we know about The Santos. We know that Carlos is a "jokester" as you say. I have been saying it for years, Janae looks like your titi Dili when she was younger. You say that I am "loco", and I don't think you will find anyone that could argue with you on that point. There are a lot of things that have surprised you about our family. This week you found out that your dad was a "rapper" and that he has performed in front of people. I shared that little tidbit when you confided that you get a little nervous when you have to do your ballet routine in front of people. Just think about the many thousands of things that you do not know about your own parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. 

The beauty of it all is the journey where we have the opportunity to discover these sometimes funny, weird, or interesting facts. Keep your mind open and use your imagination. Even the dullest of subjects can lead to hidden surprises that can delight. There is something behind everything. Even if they tell you that there isn't do not fall for it, they just haven't figured it out yet.