Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Geek in the Making

Last week was your first day of kindergarten. Through quite a bit of good luck and blessings you were accepted into a magnet school with incredible support from the local community as well as local and state government (in an age where education cuts are the norm this is great news). My favorite part about the school is the curriculum; t is centered around science and technology. Your father, if you did not already know, is crazy about those two subjects. Always has been.

At home you have been exposed to a wealth of technology that not everyone has the chance to experience. You have sat with me, although not sure what was going on, as I either fixed or messed something up because I was tinkering. I already see that you like to tinker yourself. I love hearing you ask questions that go beyond the looks of an object and get into its function. I promise to support you in all your dreams and desires, even when they are not a particular interest to me. If it so happens that you choose a career that interests the both of us then... well... you know... :)

You are very much a "girly-girl". The dresses, nail polish, and accessories makes that undeniable. You also have another side to you, a curious side. You love to learn new things. One question answered leads to many, many, many other questions. I love that about you. I hope that as this year progresses you learn to love that about yourself. There is nothing better than someone who realizes what makes them great and embraces it. It has only been a few days since you started and I can already see a shift in focus, a change in the way you formulate your thoughts.

Watching you learn, explore, and think makes me a proud and happy father