Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 Things You Said

In the last week you have said some things that have made my jaw drop. In no particular order:

  • I like Justin Bieber.
  • Girls like strong guys
  • Mami doesn't say it, but she wants to be rich.
The Bieber comment had me worried as I saw a reflection of your aunt with her Bieber-fever. Thankfully your mother explained that there is one of his songs that you have taken a liking to, and not him (I let out a big sigh of relief on that one). 

The strong guy comment was your 5-year-old opinion on why your mother wants me to workout. Although she has never quite voiced it in such a manner you could tell that exercising makes a man strong, mami wants your dad to workout, you connected the dots all too well for your age. (note to self: she is wiser than she should be for her age).

The "rich" comment was hilarious. You told your grandfather that I could not keep from laughing. We both know your mother and we know that she likes nice things. You already have begun to realize that it takes money to have nice things. The more nice things you want the more money you need. So young and well on your way to understanding how the world works.