Monday, July 23, 2012

Glimpses of My Daughter

My, oh my!
cannot believe my eyes!
beautiful as a sunrise
you are, child of mine

Beyond what can be seen with eyes you are amazingly beautiful. You are a very funny kid with a ton of sass. Your mind is so curious and you are so persistent I fear for your schoolbooks. In so many ways you are a rare concoction equal parts Yasmine & Rafael. The more you show your inner self, the more you talk (and you do plenty of that!), the more we watch in awe. An expression that reminds me of your mother or react to something the same way I would.

I count myself a lucky man having you in my life. The amount of joy and happiness that you bring to my life is priceless. To hear you spin tales formed in your imagination or to make note of something you found interesting in the world is heart-warming. I can see the wheels turning inside your head when you make a connection between something you are encountering for the first time and something that you have learned before. I love spending time with you as every moment has the potential to be a memorable.