Friday, May 18, 2012

5 Years

Today was your fifth birthday!

It is amazing at how fast these past five years have come and gone. I can close my eyes and feel like I am still there in the hospital awaiting your arrival... holding your mother's hands... looking at the heartbeat monitor... Five years ago my life was changed forever! Every day ever since has been filled with joy and happiness that is hard to describe.

It was an amazing day. Amazing.

At the time of your birth we wished you happy birthday. You woke playing with your cousin. Cupcakes at school. A party with your friends and family after school. Quality time with your parents to end the day. So many smiles, memories,  moments were created today. Your mother and I are extremely happy and grateful for having you as a part of our lives.

Thank you.

For being such a sweet and loving daughter. For being the sunshine that cuts through the clouds when our days seem overcast. The reason to smile when things are not going right. Thank you for being you, my daughter. I love you!