Thursday, February 2, 2012

My New Daughter

It is a beautiful sight.

Heraclitus said that we never cross the same river twice. We never meet the same person twice. Every time I see the new you I cannot believe what I see. I have seen you grow from a tiny little thing to the amazing child that you are now. I look forward to seeing the new you every day. It is amazing just how much you change on a day to day basis. From wanting to be a Rock Star one day, to saying that you want to be a veterinarian the next, to loving a particular show to dismissing it for the main character still having the same hair and outfit in every episode. Your ever-expanding vocabulary impresses me. I have actually heard words come from you that adults would never use. 

The new you.

I am loving this stage. The fact that you are interested in learning everything, that you ask questions and that you no longer resist when we try to show you something new is a pleasure. The seeds that we have planted in you are beginning to bloom. You are starting show more than a passing interests in the things that you do. Also the lessons about life we have taught you are taking root into your personality. I have heard that children are a reflection of their parents. In your case, you are us, genetically as well intellectually. 

The seeds planted.

"Finish what you start." -mom

"Yes you can." -me

"You have to practice." -me

"School is important." -mom

The blooms.

Just the other night you refused to go to bed and finish your numbers the next day. Your reason for refusing? "I have to finish what I started Papi!".

You were having trouble with one of your toys yet kept telling yourself that you could do it. It took longer than it would have if you had asked for help. It was great to see that you wanted to get it done yourself.

You have been in ballet the last two years and lately you have wanted to practice at home. It went from being something you did at ballet class to something that you want to practice to get better on your own time. A small adjustment in attitude in life can pay large dividends later in life.

The last one had me shocked. You told us that everyday you want to come home and do homework because school is important. You said "I have to do homework because I am going to kindergarten soon. Some times you guys forget... don't forget okay?".


It feels good to get validation from the person that matters most that our parenting is working. I don't need any prizes or plaques to tell me that I am doing a good job as a father. I think I can speak for your mother and I in saying that just seeing you progress and grow into such an amazing little lady is reward enough. I look forward to meeting my new daughter after work. I wonder what new things you have learned or what new thoughts have occurred to you. I guess I have to wait to meet her after work.