Monday, November 7, 2011

Anger Management

Yes I said it.

I will rather have to spend the rest of my life paying for you to receive anger management treatment than a shrink because someone walked all over you. As a father one of my biggest fears is not being able to be there to protect you at all times. I want to teach you balance, restraint and the fine art of political maneuvering in the social sphere. If I don't get to those lessons here is an abridged version.

1. Don't take crap from anyone. I mean no one.
2. Stand up for yourself. 
3. If problems persists see above.

Some might disagree.

I can hear my mother now, "how are you going to teach her that? That is not how I raised you!" She is entitled to her own opinion. I remember some of the things that bullies tried with me; kids can be so cruel as my wife clearly points out. I have heard too many stories about kids not being able to deal with the abuse that their peers dish out, that will not be my daughter. If I am going to be wrong in my parenting style I will err on the side that she will be strong and capable of taking care of herself.


We don't live in a perfect world. Just last night I read that someone in NY found the severed foot of a child on the sidewalk (See Here). It makes me sick to my stomach to read stories like that. Violence is not something that only plays out in our movies, music or history books. The dark side of humanity is but an inch away from knocking on anyone's door. I pray that I can prevent my daughter from having to see and/or experience any of it before she needs to. 

My hope.

Hopefully I will have enough time with my daughter to guide her, to help her navigate this world without being neither a victim or a bully. Unlike my father I plan to be there every step of the way so long as I live. I want to be there to teach her how to deal with bullies, gossipers, idiots and lord help me, boyfriends.