Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Big Picture

Life is not easy.

One day you will realize that life can be complicated. If it wasn't billions of people would not ask "what is the meaning of life?" but I digress. I mean there are millions of things wrong in the world, lack of clean water, starvation, diseases, hate, abuse, violence, inequality... the list is endless. Simply thinking about all the problems that there are in the world can be an exhausting and depressing activity.

The two buckets.

The key to life is being able to manage all these things so that they do not have an adverse effect on you. There are things in life that we can change/fix/improve and there are others that without some superhero powers we can't do much about. It is important to be able to sort those things into the appropriate buckets. Changeable vs Unchangeable

Then what?

The things that can be changed/fixed/improved you should address them accordingly. Some things take time, others are incredibly hard; just ask anyone trying to quit a bad habit. As long as you stay at it and give it your best in time everything will fall into place. The things that are unchangeable are a little harder to deal with. Um... honestly they are A LOT harder to deal with. I was once told that those unchangeable things are like rocks. If you were to meet a giant rock blocking your path in life there are several things you can do:

a. go around it
b. go over it
c. dig under it
d. go through it

In life there are some things are better going around them. There is no need to get into a fight if it can be avoided hence figure out another way to get to the other side of the path. Some times you have to get over things, like when Mami or Papi correct you. There is a reason why we tell you things, although you might not know the reason, eventually you will understand why we do the things we do. Some times you have to get busy and dig yourself out of situations. These are  the situations that require perseverance and dedication. 

I didn't forget about d.

The last option is what hard-headed people do, think that they can simply power themselves through a problem. While there may well be circumstances where a little elbow grease gets the job done plenty more require critical thinking, planning and finesse. Don't be hard-headed. Think. Plan. Avoid. Most important of all remember to view what you are facing at any given moment as a small part of The Big Picture. Once you have that in perspective it is easier to make the right the decisions and to analyze things properly.